Always rolling through…

Rolling through is for daring travellers, martial artists and fitness focused people who want more adventure by bringing their passions with them when they’re on the road. Travel shouldn’t just be a checklist journey, it should improve your life, expand your horizons, open up new avenues and move you forward in all areas.

Want the insider secrets to wherever you are? Meet the local people.

Want to connect with new people? Train at the local gyms.

I’m Rich and I started Rolling Through (then just called Roam) as a one man martial arts travel blog. I quit my job in England, packed a gi and travelled to pursue adventure. As a lifelong martial artist, I made a point of training in every brazilian jiu jitsu school I found along the way. My obsession with improving my jiu jitsu became as important as seeing the world, and jiu jitsu became an invaluable tool for meeting people and growing friendships.

I’ve now expanded my own blogging to both create longer stories which inspire other martial artists and those obsessed with fitness to travel without compromising their passions, but also provide actionable content with which they can find the best places to train while away. I’ve never believed in travel being a break from your normal life, I believe your whole life should be an adventure and something you would never want to take a break from.

So to get started…

Some top choices:


General travel, training, fitness ideas that are a bit unique to the more adventurous traveller.


Stories from the mat, around the world.


Or Just view everything about a particular destination.

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