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When you need a winter

“Work is not just an activity that generates funds and creates desire; it’s the vagabonding gestation period, wherein you earn your integrity, start making plans, and get your proverbial act together. Work is a time to dream about travel and write notes to yourself, but...

Home and grind

I know, I know. It's been a minute. Sometime's though, the real work isn't glamorous, and there's not as much to write about. Since making the transition to work for myself so I can fuel a life of travel, martial arts and general debauchery, i've been all...

Break your breath

I was told a saying in Italy during a particularly hard Crossfit workout. It's funny, because it describes moment in working out that often isn't addressed, but if you regularly do high intensity training you've likely felt it. The phrase is for that moment just after...

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