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My name’s Rich, and I’m currently travelling the world, training martial arts and writing about it all as I go.

Not even a few years ago though, things were very different. I was working as a designer and builder of online shops in the UK, as I had been for the past 10 years. Life was good, but it wasn’t the ‘Fuck yeah!’ kind of good I knew it could be.

Now, I work as a digital consultant, and build my own businesses that are completely online, working from wherever I happen to be. In-between I could be training jiu jitsu, exploring some new places, getting some sun or just grabbing a drink with new friends.

Making the change from employee to online worker meant learning how to make my professional skills work for me. However, these lessons weren’t just valuable to me, and I’ve since helped many others, from personal trainers to local stores and business owners, live their own version of this lifestyle. These people now have more income, more time, and more freedom in their life to do whatever they want.

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