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Rolling Through is changing…

29th November 2018

Moving forward, we’re Rolling Through.

Here’s the plan…

What started out as just as a travel blog has grown. I want to include stories from anyone who is travelling in search of adventure, but while also pursuing their passions. Whether that be brazilian jiu jitsu, other martial arts, or fitness and improving the body.

I want to create a resource that provides not just inspiration (in the form of stories, photography, misadventures that happen along the way) for people who want to travel and train, but also information, creating guides with the hotspots of where to stay, train, eat and recover wherever people go.

Rolling Through is about firing you up to travel and explore your life from new angles, getting and staying fit, training martial arts, and all the adventures that happen as you pursue all these things.

If you have a story, some information about a place, a blog of your own, please reach out to me on instagram, twitter, or get in touch any other way. I’d really love to hear from you!

I’ll still be documenting my travels, and writing more detailed stories trying to be more authentic and showcase more mistakes as I continue my life of work, travel, train.


Richard Moody


I'm Rich, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belt and freelancing creative. With no fixed plan or route i'm exploring a new country every few months, doing Jiu Jitsu, training my body, meeting new people, and finding new places. Rolling Through is a document of travel, training combat, improving the body and is both for and by myself and other explorers to inspire and share the secret details to help you do the same!

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